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SweetKaren Gives You The Best Sex Advice

Sometimes the questions we get need someone with a little experience, and we’re lucky to have some milfs on our team. Sweet_KarenXXX is 45 year old vixen with looks to rival any 20 year old and an experienced and agile mind. She’s fun and creative, and she loves helping men improve their sexual skills. When we got in some inquiries about premature ejaculation, we knew she was the lady for the job. So we asked her, how soon is too soon and what do you do about it. Here’s her reply.

If he cums before he gets his clothes off, that’s premature. If he cums when I look at it, that’s premature. If he cums the first time I brush my fingers across it, that’s premature. Basically I’d like to be able to give him head or fuck for at least 5 minutes before he shoots! And yes, all of the above situations have actually happened to me!

How important is it to you that a male not come too quickly?

It’s moderately important. The really important thing is what happens after he cums prematurely. If he throws his clothes on and leaves in a huff, then I’ll be pissed off. If he says “Sorry, you’re just so hot I couldn’t control myself, but let’s keep going and I’ll last longer the next time”, then that I can deal with

How does it make you feel when a man comes too soon?

Actually, I usually think it’s kind of cute and a bit funny. I might raise an eyebrow, but really it’s a compliment in a way. As long as they stick around to make sure I have a good time, I then it’s not a big deal.

What do you think about men with this problem?

If it’s a problem they have all the time, then I’d say they are just really sensitive and excitable and need to find ways to put off ejaculation, whether by the use of meditation or desensitizing sprays or gels, or whatever. Or, at the very least, if it’s a continuing problem, they need to be willing to put in the extra effort to make sure their partner is satisfied as well!

I have been with a few guys in the past that had this issue. The good thing about them was that, although they came very quickly, typically their refractory period was very short and they could get an erection and have sex a very short time after cumming. And, each time they came, the time that it took for them to cum again was a bit longer, so, in the long run, I ended up getting more sex!