SweetyHelen Dishes About Orgasms

When it comes to the female orgasm, our cam performers are experts, and we picked SweetyHelen, a hot lady who loves to cum and make others cum to explain the differences between clitoral and g-sport orgasms for all the men who email us asking. After all, a woman’s orgasm is the way to her heart and certainly the way to get more sex. Here’s what Helen had to tell our members.

I get both kinds of orgasms, and they’re completely different!

G-spot orgasms make my whole body clinch as it rolls thru me. I feel my entire body from toes to my scalp flush with it, but it’s not an intense feeling in any one place. The sensation inside of me is one that is hard to control as it builds though, it is great from the very first ‘touch’ on my g-spot and builds rather quickly towards orgasm.

Clit orgasms are much different. It’s not a constant build towards orgasm, but flashes of sensation until the orgasm is almost on me, then it’s consistent. The sensation is ‘locked’ inside my pussy and clit. My whole body may rock from it, but I’m only feeling it inside those areas. Maybe because the sensation is so isolated, it’s a much more intense experience, and I am very aware of my pussy clinching and relaxing as the spasms rock through me.

I can have multiple orgasms pretty quickly both ways.

I also have what I call ‘fuck me hard’ orgasms. The sensation is from the opening of my pussy being ‘slammed’ into while I’m being stretched open. Firm pressure against my clit when this is happening helps but isn’t necessary. The orgasm makes me explode in such a way I can’t even begin to describe it! All I know is when it’s over I’m a limp dish-rag and need a few minutes with his fingers or cock being kept still within me so that my brain can ride the endorphins.

I need a few minutes to recover before I can orgasm again this way.

I have to say if I had to pick a favorite, it’s clit orgasms. I can do them by myself with my bullet vibe, and because the sensation is isolated it’s a hard and quick release